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Simparica Vs Comfortis: Key Difference

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When it comes to choosing between Simparica Vs Comfortis for your pet’s flea and tick prevention, understanding the nuances of each product becomes crucial. The decision-making process involves considering factors such as efficacy, application method, and duration of action. By exploring the specifics of Simparica and Comfortis, pet owners can make an informed choice that aligns with their furry companion’s needs. However, there is one aspect that often gets overlooked but can significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the treatment – the palatability of the medication. This factor can influence compliance and, ultimately, the success of the flea and tick prevention regimen.

Key Takeaways

  • Comfortis is for cats, Simparica is for dogs, each with different active ingredients.
  • Comfortis eliminates fleas, while Simparica targets fleas and ticks.
  • Comfortis starts working in 30 minutes, Simparica in 3 hours for fleas and 8 hours for ticks.
  • Consult a veterinarian to determine the most suitable treatment based on pet’s specifics.
  • Both products have age and weight restrictions, with veterinarian consultation recommended before use.

Key Differences Between Simparica and Comfortis

When comparing Simparica and Comfortis, it is essential to understand the key differences in their active ingredients, target species, and efficacy against parasites. Comfortis is suitable for cats, while Simparica is specifically designed for dogs.

The active ingredient in Simparica is Saroloner, with a liver flavor, whereas Comfortis contains Spinosad in a beef flavor. Comfortis effectively eliminates fleas, while Simparica targets both fleas and ticks.

Additionally, Comfortis starts working within 30 minutes, whereas Simparica takes 3 hours for fleas and 8 hours for ticks. It is important to note that neither product is recommended for pregnant, lactating, or breeding dogs.

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These distinctions in ingredients and efficacy highlight the divergent capabilities of Simparica and Comfortis in combating parasites.

Active Ingredients

When comparing Simparica and Comfortis, the active ingredients play a crucial role in determining their effectiveness.

Simparica contains sarolaner, a potent ingredient that targets and kills fleas and ticks effectively. On the other hand, Comfortis contains spinosad, which works by causing paralysis and subsequent death of fleas.

The difference in active ingredients can impact how each medication tackles flea and tick infestations. Sarolaner in Simparica acts quickly, killing fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours of administration. This rapid action can provide quick relief for your pet.

In contrast, Comfortis may take a bit longer to show results but is still effective in eliminating fleas. Understanding the active ingredients in these medications is vital as it helps you choose the one that aligns best with your pet’s needs.

Always consult with your veterinarian to determine the most suitable option based on factors like your pet’s health status and any specific requirements they may have.

Longevity of Effectiveness

Understanding the duration of action for both Simparica and Comfortis is essential when deciding on the most suitable flea and tick treatment for your pet.

Simparica typically provides protection against fleas and ticks for up to 35 days after administration. On the other hand, Comfortis, while effective in killing fleas, generally requires more frequent dosing, usually every 30 days.

This means that Simparica may offer slightly longer-lasting protection compared to Comfortis. However, it’s crucial to follow the specific dosing instructions provided by your veterinarian to ensure continuous effectiveness.

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Consider factors like your pet’s lifestyle and your ability to administer the treatment regularly when choosing between Simparica and Comfortis for long-term flea and tick control.

Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Pet

In selecting the appropriate treatment for your pet, it is imperative to consult with a veterinarian to ensure the most suitable option based on your pet’s specific needs and health requirements. Your veterinarian will consider factors such as your pet’s age, weight, breed, and any existing health conditions before recommending either Simparica or Comfortis.

Comfortis is ideal for cats and dogs over 14 weeks old, while Simparica is specifically designed for dogs over 6 months needing tick treatment. Both treatments are effective against parasites but have different active ingredients and application specifics

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Comfortis Be Used for Dogs as Well as Cats?

Yes, Comfortis is suitable for both dogs and cats. It is an effective flea treatment, available in beef flavor for dogs and can be safely administered to cats. Consult your vet to determine the best treatment for your pet’s needs.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Using Simparica?

There are age restrictions for using Simparica; it is safe for dogs over 6 months. Consult with your veterinarian to ensure the appropriate treatment for your pet’s age. Veterinarian guidance is essential to determine the most suitable care.

How Can I Contact Allivet for Assistance?

To contact Allivet for assistance, you can reach out by calling 877-500-9944 or utilize the live chat option on their website. Professional pharmacists are available to provide guidance and support for any queries regarding pet medications.

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Is the Free Shipping Offer Applicable to All Orders?

The free shipping offer is applicable to Rx Autoship orders over $30, ensuring timely deliveries of pet medications. This convenient feature simplifies recurring orders, providing savings on initial and subsequent shipments. Allivet’s verified pharmacy services support pet parents’ needs.

How Do Autoship Savings Benefit Pet Owners?

Autoship savings benefit pet owners by providing discounts on recurring medication purchases, simplifying the refill process, ensuring timely treatment, and saving on each order. This feature, available on, offers convenience and cost-effective solutions for pet care needs.


In conclusion, both Simparica and Comfortis are effective flea and tick treatments for pets, each with its own unique features and benefits. Consulting with a veterinarian is crucial to determine the most suitable option for your pet based on their individual needs.

By understanding the key differences between these two treatments, pet owners can make an informed decision to ensure their furry companions receive the best possible care.

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